Turkey almost jumped with his work in the field of health class last 16 years. As a result of the increase in private investments in health in recent years, the share of private hospitals in inpatient treatment institutions has become clear. As of 2010, operating in the private sector in Turkey, including the 450-500 bed up major treatment institutions, 40-50 beds located in small clinics, there are nearly 500 hospitals. Private hospitals, especially in the short-term treatment has an important share in Turkey presentation, a position of an important part of the health care system.

The total number of hospitals, which was 1156 in 2002, was 1520 in 2016. City hospitals were put into service in Mersin, Adana, Yozgat, Isparta and Kayseri.

Best Private Hospital in Turkey: 

From the perspective of health tourism that has come to the fore in our country in recent years; IVF treatments, eye care, dental care, cosmetic surgery to get service in areas such as thermal spa and the number of foreign patients who prefer Turkey is observed to be increasing every year. especially in recent years, many patients treatment in the world and Turkey, the holidays and transportation services prefer to offer health packages together. The high costs of treatment and the length of waiting times, especially in some foreign countries, make people look for countries where they can both receive quality treatment and visit tourists.

For treatments of the main reasons for the preference for Turkey; Giving high quality service, compared to many countries, the prices low and be consistent with the quality of service provided, they are well-trained physicians, the high technological facilities used in the treatment and Turkey is known worldwide and considered to be a preferred tourist destination.