How to Get Citizenship in Turkey?

9 Ways to Get Citizenship in Turkey
1- Turkish Citizenship Through Buying a Property with $ 250,000 The foreign investor has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship once s/he owns a Property evaluation value worth up to $ 250,000. Only 2 Conditions;
• Pay the value in foreign currency not in Turkish lira. • Buyer's commit not to sell the Properties for 3 years. • Scope: Principal Applicant+Spouse+children under the age of 18

and the slowdown in trade strengthened downward expectations in asset prices. A similar process has started to be seen in real estate prices.

When we return to our country from a global dimension, it is observed that the effects of economic fluctuations (especially in terms of exchange rate and interest) become more normal. Depending on this process, the improvement trend in macroeconomic variables such as inflation and current account deficit continues. Considering the last quarter, in which the negative trend in growth is getting smaller, we can close the year with a positive figure. 2019 Turkey's economy, which the IMF growth forecast for the April estimate of minus 2.5 percent
While revising to 0.2 percent, the growth forecast for 2020 increased from 2.5 percent to 3 percent.

As the growth policy has begun to normalize, this trend may become stronger in 2020. On the other hand, the positive impact of growth in the construction sector should be expected to affect the sector positively. A similar process is being implemented by the CBRT, and the lowering of the interest rates on the housing rates has started to increase the liveliness for both the consumer and the manufacturer.

For the past 20 years, the construction sector has experienced a parallel expansion of economic growth in Turkey. Considering the world scale and the potential of our country, the construction sector has more opportunities to grow in the appropriate conjuncture. In our country, there is a demand for sustainable natural housing with demographic factors (young population, marriage / divorce, moving, domestic immigration and immigration from abroad) and changes in urbanization phenomenon. This demand may increase and decrease from time to time depending on the conjuncture experienced. One of the important indicators of the real estate sector is the house sales figures. In 2014, housing sales were realized as 1,165,381, while in 2015 it reached a new record, 1,289,320. In 2016, Turkey should systemic risk that live inside the housing sales figures despite the global as well as the problems have been realized as 1,341,453 units, pointing to a new record. In 2017, the number of house sales reached 1,490,314, while the figure in question was 1,375,400 in 2018.

Although the figures realized in the nine months of 2019 showed a slight decrease compared to the previous year, it can be stated that the realizations are normal considering the conjuncture. During this period, the number of houses sold was 865,473. As of August and September, especially the discounts made by public banks on housing loan rates had a positive effect on mortgage sales, the trend may be considered until the end of the year.

After the regulation on the sale of immovable properties to 'foreign nationals' made in 2012, a serious foreign interest started to occur in other immovable properties, especially in housing. Foreign nationals seem real and legal persons, which are related to purchase real estate in Turkey peaked with the growing interest in granting citizenship residence permit after these regulations.

Between 2011 and 2018, foreign investors brought about 29 billion dollars in foreign currency to our country with the real estate they acquired. While 22,830 foreigners bought immovable properties in 2015, the figure was 18,189 in 2016, with the increasing interest in 2017, the number of 22,234 people rose rapidly in 2018, reaching 39,663. Similar uptrend continued in the nine-month part of 2019. In the first nine months of 2019, it is seen that 31,925 houses were sold to foreign nationals.


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