Portfolio Services for Sellers

Portfolio Services for Sellers

We carry out our portfolios which we are authorised (as seller or renter), all the marketing and sales activities (over 100 advertisement tools including professional photography) necessary to realize a sales/leasing operation to get the best value for property. We plan carefully every process from the introduction of the property (presentation, renovation, maintenance, whitewash, etc.) to the open house displays, from the advertisement to transfer the title deeds.

Are you going to be able to take your 3 month time to sell your real estate/project and do those? We are ready to do for you with our 15 years of expertise ...

Free Services for Sellers

Price Analysis

In this challenging competitive environment, we prepare the best price for your property with our regional expertise. We calculate the free appraisal value for your property.

Market Analysis

We are preparing a market analysis to accurately and accurately determine the true value of our property.

Marketing Plan

We create a marketing plan that takes the necessary steps to market your property.

Maximum Advertising

We make the most accurate offline and online marketing efforts to get your property to the fastest conclusion. We use more than 100 advertising tools from Open house events to social media ads as well as 'Real Estate Portals'.


We evaluate the potential customers who will ask for property.

Buyer Follow-Up

We keep track of potential buyers until the sale occurs without losing your bargaining chances.

Price Offers

We offer a real estate consultancy service that advocates and bargains for you.


We follow the real estate lending and finance process. We are creating the fastest and most accurate payment plan for you and your buyer. As we initially calculate the value of the property, we save time in the financial process.


We provide counseling services with our team who has mastered the realty legislation, which will be with you during the whole time.


We bring your property to masses with our client network that is more than 70 customers, and over 1000 sales network.


We create free video, photo, 360 photos and aerial footage of our property with our special equipment to create a promotional video.

Service Quality

We offer services such as cleaning, minor renovations, painting-whitewashing when your property needs to be optimal for the presentation.