Urban Renewal Consultancy

Urban Renewal Consultancy

Urban Transformation refers to all the processes in which physical, social and economic transformation of urban parts in general. Urban transformation is the whole of the policies aimed at transforming the collapse areas into healthy living environments that respond to physical, economic, social and environmental needs and minimize natural risk factors. ProjEkspert Real Estate provides comprehensive urban transformation consultancy services regarding the current and conversion value of the area to be converted, goodwill, project proposals, analysis and interpretation of the proposals of the contractor to the right holders, as well as new legislative changes and regulations.


The value of the area to convert and the result of the renewal

Goodwill calculations

Social situation in the renewal area and social structure after the transformation

Efficiency analysis of the urban transformation with current sector knowledge

Analysis of the area of ​​transformation area and its effect on the environment

 Project proposals to be developed

Analysis and interpretation of the proposals of the contractor to the right holders

The fair distribution of rights holders of the apartments according to the goodwill factors in the new project

Urban renewal process consultancy

Preparation of the Building Common Decision Protocol for your building. Expropriation of 1/3 Minority Shares in the Ministry.

Preparation of the license projects for rebuilding or building strengthening of your building. issuance of construction license from the relevant municipality or institution.

Reconstruction or Building Strengthening Application of your building

Removal of your freehold deeds from the municipality after the completion of your building construction according to the approved project.

 Preparation of all necessary contracts for your building in the process of urban transformation