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There are 19 Million Homes in Turkey, more than 5 million Commercial Real Estate, 783 560 000 m2 Land . Wouldn't you like to meet the most potential market of the worldwide real estate and take your place among the winners? We are waiting for you…

Consulting Service That Makes a Difference!

Projekspert Consulting; consists of real estate professionals who have come together to support their customers in many areas ranging from commercial/residential investment consultancy to leasing services, from project development and marketing services to property management, from legal processes such as law, expertise, mortgage, title&contract transactions to interior decoration, furniture and landscaping services with 15 years of real estate sector experience.

As the first and only company in the sector with the principle of de ‘Full Service’; We offer active and integrated services to all individuals and institutional investors in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate sales processes. Our aim is to facilitate the investment of our customers according to their needs and to make real estate investments more professional, efficient, safe and sustainable.

Our consultants with our philosophy of ‘Continuous Education’; In addition to having sector experience at higher education level, they also receive expert training in real estate legislation, national/international real estate markets, online/offline property marketing strategies, reaş estate finance, law and real estate support services. We call this ‘New Generation Real Estate Expert’…

 Take Your Place Between Differance Makers!

Why ProjEkspert?

Continious Education

'Start Up' training program for ProjEkspert's new generation real estate consultants provides learning of all real estate sales techniques and real estate legislation in a short time. With our guidance and counseling in career planning, he quickly determines his specialty and region.

Thanks to ProjEkspert Academy, not only at the initial stage, but also continuing education planning, every real estate consultant develops themselves in many fields such as finance, law, building, architecture etc. for today's consumer needs.

Power and Network

With our 15 years of real estate experience, we ensure that our portfolio of over 100 thousand customers, over 100 contracted sub-agency networks, consultants and business partners and new consultants are quickly and easily found.

Marketing and Thecnology

By using the technology that tracks all your business, we enable you to manage your sales from a single channel and support our consultants to provide a better service to their customers. In addition, ProjEkspert consultants are provided with support for all their digital needs. In this regard, we offer support to our consultants on a wide range of topics from website design to social media management, digital communication materials such as e-brochures, e-invitations, and portfolio designs. We direct your communication with our SMS and Mailing packages.

As ProjEkspert, we make a difference with more than 100 innovative advertising works that we use in real estate marketing. We enable our consultants to increase their success rates with the corporate advertising activities we do throughout the year.

High Earnings and Reputation

In Projekspert, you do not pay fixed fees under the names of table fees, rotalty, goals, etc. It is also for the contract, catering, corporate identity materials, etc. required for your business. At ProjEkspert, our consultants are seen as a natural partner of the company. Sharing rates increase according to the transaction volume during the year.

All Projekspert consultants have a higher education level or higher. It also has the National Level 5 Responsible Real Estate Consultant certificate by completing all the trainings that the government requires / does not require.

ProjEkspert Know-How

ProjEkspert Consultants receive business cards, ID cards, badges, badges, posters for sale / rental, printed contracts, forms, placement documents and many other materials for free. It provides a system where receipts and consultants can meet all their printed material needs over the internet. Thanks to this system, it is possible to personalize and prepare all printed materials from brochures to flyers.

While creating their own brands, they benefit from the consultancy, knowledge, encouragement and experience of ProjEkspert in all matters. In the beginning, which is the most difficult period, they stay away from the mistakes that inexperience may bring and they have the opportunity to progress quickly.

The ProjEkspert Spirit

Our offices designed with modern architecture, our professional consultant staff, as well as a working environment that is free from negative external factors and suitable for focusing on business; With our activities planned throughout the year, we provide a team spirit that does not fiercely compete with competition, but gives importance to solidarity and synergy.

Our Value Added Services

Projekspert, is Turkey's first full range of real estate-related consulting firm. We offer services in all areas of real estate with our new generation real estate experts, advertising / marketing experts, land and project development experts, property managers, architects, interior designers and lawyers.

Apart from real estate purchase-rental and sales, our other services that you can earn; property management, architecture - decoration, project development, legal advice, energy identity certificate, urban transformation, insurance services, after-sales services package, etc.

Project Development and Sales

This job is our job! ProjEskpert on its name! We are transferring our experience to our new consultants with 'Project Development and Sales' trainings, thanks to the large-scale real estate projects consisting of more than 30, thousands of residences that we have planned and implemented in 15 years from drawing to delivery.

New projects are added to the projects we develop and sell every day. We are waiting for you to experience the project sales experience in different regions and scales with professionals.

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