”If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.”

Alphonse de Lamartine

Istanbul; nature, cultural and historic not only in terms of the richness of Turkey is also one of the most important cities in the world. Geographically, being a bridge between Asia and Europe in a way, it brings together East and West culture. Istanbul, which serves as a bridge to the Asian and European continents, was established along the Marmara coast and the Bosphorus, surrounding the Golden Horn.

Istanbul has been the capital of two great empires of history. Every state that has conquered Istanbul in history has surrounded the city with strong walls. In 1453, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, the city of Istanbul, has been expanded to 4 times since then. The city, which currently has 39 districts, is expanding towards Tekirdağ with the increase of the population every year.

Istanbul, which has the largest share in the development of the Marmara Region, has cities which are very critical for the country. North of the city overlooking the Black Sea, Kırklareli to the northwest, Kocaeli to the east, Bursa to the south and Tekirdağ to the west.

The world's 34th largest economy city is the most populous city in Europe according to the rankings of municipalities. Istanbul attracts attention with its increasing population every year. For Istanbul Turkey Statistics Institute (TUIK) announced that recent data reveals the seriousness of population growth in the city. According to 2017 data, the population of Istanbul is 14.804.116. Istanbul's most populous district is Esenyurt while the lowest population is Adalar.

Istanbul is divided into three parts with the Bosphorus in the north-south direction, the Golden Horn that divides the western part into two, and the Sea of Marmara, which forms the border in the south. Many areas of view focus on the western part of the Bosphorus between the Golden Horn and the Sea in the old town of the Sultanahmet Peninsula. The Grand Bazaar will fascinate you with its bright and pleasant environment, and the famous Hagia Sophia will spread a sense of tranquility. The pearl of the Bosphorus will allow you to enjoy a pleasant view along the deep blue coast with a tour in Ortakoy. Galata, Beyoğlu and Taksim, which are the modern heart of Istanbul, are the largest districts of the city. The Black Sea is the northern border of Istanbul.

Istanbul has 39 districts in total. 25 of these districts are on the European side and 14 on the Anatolian side. The districts of Istanbul are divided into three main regions:
Fatih and Eminönü (the district of Eminönü, which is the historical peninsula of the ancient city of Istanbul, was attached to the district of Fatih by a law in 2008. Today, the peninsula forms the district of Fatih, Istanbul). On the northern shores of this region is the Golden Horn. It extends to the Western Walls in the West. The southern border forms the sea of Marmara Sea. In the east there is the entrance of the Bosphorus.

Beyoğlu and Beşiktaş districts in the north of the Golden Horn are of great importance in terms of history. The palace of the last Ottoman sultans, Dolmabahçe Palace is in Kabataş. Old districts such as Ortaköy and Bebek follow each other along the Bosphorus Strait. On both sides of the city there are luxury flats along the Bosphorus.

Uskudar (ancient Chrysopolis) and Kadikoy (ancient Chalcedon) districts in ancient times, while being a city by changing over time they have become the district of Istanbul. It is the oldest districts of Istanbul on the Asian side. Today, it has a great importance in terms of many modern residential areas and business areas. It hosts one third of the city's population.

 Istanbul's city structure and shape are constantly changing. During the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods, significant regeneration and growth took place in the historical peninsula of Constantinople, in Galata (Pera. In ancient times all the districts of Istanbul were independent cities. Today Istanbul can be regarded as the metropolis of the old Constantinople. Because the city has been expanded and renewed ever since.

The very high buildings built in recent years have been built considering the rapid growth of the population. Due to the rapid expansion of the city, housing is generally moving out of the city. The highest multi-storey offices and residences in the city are located in Levent, Mecidiyeköy and Maslak districts on the European side. There are many shopping centers in Levent and Etiler. An important part of Turkey's largest companies and banks are located in this region. Today, 66% of the people of Istanbul live on the European side.

Istanbul, Turkey's largest city and former capital, politically. Due to a crossroads of land and sea trade routes and strategic location it has been the center of economic life in Turkey. The city is also the largest industrial center. It meets 20% of industrial employment in Turkey. It has an industrial area of ​​approximately 38%. Istanbul and surrounding cities in this area; products such as fruit, olive oil, silk, cotton and tobacco. In addition, food industry, textile production, petroleum products, rubber, metal goods, leather, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, glass, technological products, machinery, automotive, transportation vehicles, paper and paper products and alcoholic beverages are among the important industrial products of the city. . According to Forbes magazine, the city which has 35 billionaires as of March 2008, ranked fourth in the world. Today, Istanbul, Turkey 55% of production and trade volume has 45%. 21.2% of the gross national product in the country.


Highway: Intercity transport: There is a highway connection from all over Istanbul. The starting point of domestic transportation is the Harem on the Anatolian side and the international bus terminal in Esenler on the European side. International Road Transport: Istanbul, Greece, Macedonia, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Russia (Moscow) Romania, Bulgaria and Jordan (Amman).

Airline: There are two airports in Istanbul, namely Atatürk Airport on the European Side and Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the Asian Side. In addition, Istanbul has the opportunity to rent aircraft and helicopters. According to statistics, according to statistics in 2012. Ataturk Airport havalimanıdır.türkiye the world's busiest passenger traffic of 20 was the first airport in terms of total passenger traffic. The airport, which uses an average of 1100 airplanes per day, is one of the most important transit passenger airports in Europe. Istanbul Hezarfen Airport is located within the borders of Arnavutköy district of Istanbul and has 500 acres of land on the north of Büyükçekmece Lake. Since 1992, Turkey's first private airport serves as internationally registered.

Seaway : Istanbul Sea Transportation is carried out by City Lines, Istanbul Sea Buses, Car Ferries and Motor Boats of Private Firms.

Railway: Marmaray is a 76 km railway development and development project that combines the railway lines on the European and Asian sides of Istanbul with a tube tunnel passing under the Bosporus Strait. was opened on October 29, 2013. There are 5 stations in total, 3 of which are underground. Bağcılar-Kabataş tram line or line number T1 is one of the railway lines in Istanbul. With a daily average of 350 thousand passengers, the T1 line is the most widely used rail system in Istanbul transportation. T3 Kadıköy Moda Nostalgic Tram The Kadıköy-Moda Tramway, commissioned on November 1, 2003, has 10 stations in the 2.6 km system. Kadikoy-Moda tram with 4 tramway vehicles; Going to Kadikoy Square, you can go to Kadikoy Square on Kadikoy Square by following the bus route and Bahariye Street. Topkapı-Habibler tram line or line number T4 is one of the railway lines in Istanbul. With an average of 150 thousand passengers per day, it is the fourth most commonly used rail system in Istanbul transportation.


Istanbul... Fascinating... Surprising... Dazzling... The capital of three great civilizations... A city where you will be very easily in love and very difficult to leave...
Istanbul activities It is unlimited. Istanbul fascinates its visitors with its magnificent natural beauties, minarets extending to the sky, gilded domes, palaces, pavilions, museums, parks and gardens, monuments, towers, culture and much more. It is unique in the world with its feature that combines Asia and Europe continents. And especially Bosphorus-Istanbul Strait will affect you in depth. When the unique natural beauties of Istanbul are added to the historical monuments of Rome, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, a magnificent picture emerges.

Besides, Turkey's largest city Istanbul and not popular, arts, culture and economy of the area is also one of the world with 15 million population and Turkey's largest city.

Places to visit in Istanbul is also unlimited. The most impressive places of Istanbul at first sight are the Historic Peninsula and the Bosphorus. Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, which includes historical sites such as sightseeing and the Eminonu Galata Bridge, starting from the impressive Istanbul Bosphorus tour to the Anatolian Kavağı is one of the must-visit activities of Istanbul. The Bosphorus, which separates Europe and Asia, is not complete without a traditional and unforgettable sea cruise by boat or boat.

Istanbul nightlife is completely different. Especially Taksim, Istiklal Street and Tunel line are the most important places of Istanbul nights. Art and cultural activities are unlimited in Istanbul.


1- Energy

Istanbul, like other big cities of the world, is like an endless energy source. This energy can turn into a life full of wisdom for those who know to benefit from it. Each of the narrow streets of each other takes you to a new story. As long as you demand.

2- History

The best way to understand what Istanbul means is to look out the window while crossing the bridges. The mosques, palaces and pavilions, which have hundreds of years of history spread out on both sides of the Bosphorus, convince us that we are in a great historical treasure that we can never destroy even though we actually bury it in concrete.

3- The Size

How long can you go from one end of Istanbul to one end? To find the answer to this question is the tip of Istanbul is necessary to know it. The city, which is a country of its own with its population, resembles a human ocean. If you have learned to swim in this ocean, all the other waters will be small.

4- Night

Istanbul, during the day with work, traffic and crowded with you how much you want, when it comes to the ferry when dark, you can forgive him in the face of light. As you sip your tea on the back deck, your eyes look at Üsküdar, a Karaköy. You know, a lot of people like you are watching and watching the same lighthouse.

 5- Differences

What makes Istanbul so great is that each neighborhood has a different character. You can distinguish these places which are crowded like a separate city from the air. You walk in history in Eminönü, in the crowd in Beyoğlu. Your laughter rises in a café in Nişantaşı, and your glasses against the throat in Arnavutköy. Besiktas'ta a hot dog, you skip the ferry, take the rolls and take home Sarıyer. In Kadikoy, people cannot walk at the time of the match.


The real estate sector stagnation experienced since January in Istanbul was overcome by the initiatives of state-funded banks as of May. Thanks to the positive developments experienced in the real estate sector as of June, most of the housing stock in the country has been dissolved. In the sale of houses for sale in June and July, the reconstruction peace and urban transformation projects had a great impact.

Apartment prices for sale in Istanbul, the major construction projects in the beginning of summer with discounts and campaign arrangements became advantageous. Real estate investments, which were evaluated by Turkish and foreign investors in June, were provided in a more circulated manner with government incentives.

In the second half of 2018, it is stated that the sector will reach a more comfortable level especially at the end of summer and autumn. It is stated that for investments, not only domestically, but also from abroad, values are added and more reliable investment opportunities are offered as political uncertainties are eliminated.

Land and housing options for sale in Istanbul offer great alternatives all around the city. In the central locations of the city, on the coastline, the lands in other cities of the region are evaluated. The land and land suitable for zoning in Silivri and Çatalca regions are presented as the new favorite areas of the investors.

The regions, which are considered to be more economical compared to Istanbul, offer new options to investors in districts such as Beylikdüzü and Arnavutköy. All investment options for sale coupon plot, coupon building or sales of stylish apartments are evaluated quickly.

Kanal Istanbul, 3rd Airport and 3rd Bridge projects add value to the surrounding areas and all the districts and districts where the route passes. Considering that every square meter offers great values in terms of investment in Istanbul, it has started to be considered for trading in urban transformation areas and in the buildings that are included in urban transformation.

The real estate sector is considered to be the most reliable investment tool in every period. especially the real estate sector is considered as a priority to invest in Turkey. All real estates such as land, land, housing, vineyard, office, business premises, commercial buildings, buildings and periodicals are considered to be the most reliable and profitable investment instruments.

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to data in the analysis performed, it was stated that the increase in May new home sales report. showed housing sales in Turkey increased by 2.7 percent compared to the previous year. According to the data of May 2017, housing sales were realized with an increase of 119 thousand 655.

The city with the highest number of housing sales was determined as Istanbul. According to May 2017 data, 20 thousand 61 houses were sold in Istanbul. Its share in overall Turkey was determined to be 16.8 percent, and was determined to have the highest market share.


It was once again revealed that proximity to the metro was an effective criterion for housing investment. Accordingly, the highest increase in 2018 was in Istanbul, Bahçeşehir, Ispartakule, Gaziosmanpaşa and Florya regions.


Sea Front

Project 214

Istanbul / Buyukcekmece

A modern coastal district away from the chaos of Istanbul The project offers its users a unique view of the sunset, watching the sea, making morning walks along the sea, cycling and the opportunity to live in parks where blue and green are integrated.


Project 223

Istanbul / Buyukcekmece

Peaceful Life Intertwined with Nature! We believe that those living with nature are happier. We designed the project so that you can get back to nature as soon as you leave your home and renew yourself every day with your family. Metrekoru with ...


Project 283

Buyukcekmece / Istanbul, Turkey

A Garden of Paradise Near Istanbul ... The doors of a privileged life where green and blue are united in Mimaroba, the district of Istanbul, whose value is increasing day by day, are opening… Colorful flowers, fruit trees, lemon, cypresses and ve

Sea View

Project 236

Istanbul / Buyukcekmece

Istanbul's New Life Street A new street is coming to Beykent, the European side of Istanbul. Live on the street of happiness in the concept of Home-Office-Square. Project Features The project, which consists of 436 residences, will come to life in Büyükçekmece.…

Sea View

Project 212

Istanbul / Buyukcekmece

Experience the Prestige and Comfort A unique project where blue and green embrace each other ... A prestigious living space in Büyükçekmece, one of Istanbul's most popular locations. Project Features The project covers an area of 22,887 square meters…

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Istanbul / Buyukcekmece

The Last Point in Luxury Living The project offers the opportunity to breathe the air of Istanbul and Italy together. Spacious, comfortable and peaceful life with 5 meter ceiling height, internal gardens, lake and sea views…

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Project 213

Istanbul / Beautifully

Peace and Comfort At Güzelce, the project invites all sea lovers to live a holiday life of 365 days. It will fascinate you with its privileged and deep blue world. Project Features 92 thousand 263 square meters…


Project 284

Trio Garden Esenyurt

Esenyurt has become a center of attraction for its investors as it has become one of the developing regions of the last years. In the Heart of Esenyurt; City Center AVM, Esenyurt District Governorship, Esenyurt Municipality, Esenyurt District…

Sea View

Project 258


The first phase of the project, which is designed on an 11.000 m² area in Mimaroba, the rising star of Istanbul, brings together 188 houses and 17 shops under one roof. Mediterranean and…

Sea View

Project 259

Mimarorb A / Buyukcekmece

Istanbul's Newest Sea District The project, where you will have the most enjoyable time with your family, is designed entirely in line with your expectations and makes life unique with its spacious architecture, non-standard floor height and large terraces.…

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Project 268

Architectoba, Buyukcekmece, Istanbul

The Key to a New Beginning Project; In the most beautiful and modern living area of Istanbul, Mimaroba is rising to offer you the house you are looking for with its unique location and architecture. Brand new for you and your family…

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Project 285

Esenyurt wyndham days hotel

5-Star Hotel Guaranteed Investment Opportunity The project was launched in Esenyurt, one of the developing regions of Istanbul, directly opposite City Center and Esenyurt University. An unmissable investment opportunity with hotel suites with rental guarantee…