About Us

We offer you the best service by blending our experience, with our extensive sales team, our domestic / overseas offices, our subcontractors and our extensive customer portfolio.
Projekspert Consulting; consists of real estate professionals who have come together to support their customers in many areas ranging from commercial/residential investment consultancy to leasing services, from project development and marketing services to property management, from legal processes such as law, expertise, mortgage, title&contract transactions to interior decoration, furniture and landscaping services with 15 years of real estate sector experience.
It provides consultancy services in 5 sub-brands such as ProjEkspert Real Estate, ProjEkspert Design, ProjEkspert Global, ProjEkspert Project Marketing and ProjEkspert Back-Up.

As ProjEkspert Real Estate, we plan the sales and marketing activities which will provide the highest economic benefit for your property in the shortest possible time, both in national and international area, with our years of experience. We make a difference with over 100 innovative advertising tolls we use in real estate marketing. We offer you the necessary consultancy support in order to make an investment in the right direction at the right time so that you can achieve minimum risk and maximum earnings with our team that follows the dynamics of the sector, the fluctuations, rising regions and sectoral developments.

ProjEkspert Project Marketing; is a project management company providing consultancy in the fields of mass real estate project’s development, marketing, construction, domestic and international sales, second hand sales, management and after-sales services processes. In all the projects it serves, our team that takes all necessary tasks from the establishment of the sales office to determining the marketing-sales strategies and after-sales, is a candidate to be one of the leading offices of the real estate sector with its superior sales capacity thanks to alternative marketing solutions.

With 18 years of experience in architecture, ProjEkspert Design & Architecture integrates science with art and offers design services that add value to the user's life. In all of the projects it serves, it provides an exceptional design approach, unique perspective and effective space usage with its professional staff. It is the leading architecture firm with its alternative construction solutions and application over standards thanks to strong sub-partners.

ProjEkspert Global provides sales consultancy services for many projects in many countries of the world, especially in USA, Europe and the Middle East. It provides the most accurate and lucrative real estate sales and rental services with its wide customer portfolio in different countries.

ProjEkspert Back Up provides; property management, concierge, legal, financial and real estate insurance consultancy services that will facilitate the lives of its investors, add value to their property and help their strategic and financial management. We are ready to be your only solution partner to maximize the value of your property and add value to your life. Everything we do is to give our investors an excellent experience in real estate acquisitions and after-sales processes.

As the first and only company in the sector with the principle of de ‘Full Service’; We offer active and integrated services to all individuals and institutional investors in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate sales processes. Our aim is to facilitate the investment of our customers according to their needs and to make real estate investments more professional, efficient, safe and sustainable.

Our consultants with our philosophy of ‘Continuous Education’; In addition to having sector experience at higher education level, they also receive expert training in real estate legislation, national/international real estate markets, online/offline property marketing strategies, reaş estate finance, law and real estate support services. We call this ‘New Generation Real Estate Expert’…

We are here to add value to your real estate investment with our new generation real estate experts, advertising / marketing experts, land and project development experts, property managers, architects, interior designers and lawyers…