A step-by-step guide allowing foreign nationals buying property in Turkey to do so as smoothly and safely as possible.

1: Diverse Portfolio

The main strenght of ProjEkspert is real estate projects (offplan developments). We are working in partnership over 100 different projects and in second hand market we are working with many of individual private investors and homeowners all around Turkey. ProjEkspert is seeking the best oppotunities and best locations for you all the time.

2: Location Reports and Comparison Alternatives

In order to determine the true value of the property you are interested in accurately and accurately, we prepare the market/region analysis and the appraisal value of the property. We evaluate the life value of the property by taking into consideration the social facilities of the property you are interested in, the density of life of the location, green space per person, building quality, regional socio-demographic structure and transportation facilities.
We carefully calculate the investment value of the property you are interested in by examining the data such as the competition intensity of the region, whether the region is in the urban transformation, planned investments in the region, planned transportation projects, m2 price.

3: Viewing Tour

We provide project/regional tour you're interested in with our VIP vehicles and our expert team. When you book a viewing tour with ProjEkspert, we meet you at the airport upon arrival. From there, we take you to your hotel to refresh and unpack your bags. When you are ready to come to our office, we will begin the viewing tour by discussing your property requirements including location, budget as well as types such as an apartment, duplex or villa. This will help us to understand your needs and wants and ensure your time is not wasted. We provide you with professional support to determine the right property for your needs. We will take you to see the suitable properties and the neighborhoods surrounding them. This is a stress-free process because we don’t do hard sales at ProjEkspert. We understand that buying a property in Turkey is a big lifestyle decision and we want our customers to feel comfortable with their choice.

4: Property Research and Investigation

We are investigating all the details of the real estate or project you decided to buy, such as title deed, construction license, sales contract and technical specification content, site management plan, tax debts, history, developer firm, materials used, architectural and static structure. We inform you before purchasing process if there is some mortgage, depth or any kind of problams on title deed that can bother you later on.

5: Offer and Negatiation

That is our main strenght. We are coming from project’s sales team so we know the best prices, shining locations, best promotions, best discounts and private portfolios of companies, very well. We compile all relevant information about the property you are interested in and take into account the market conditions and supply-demand balance. At the end of the process of evaluating and revising the mutual offers, it is our main goal to bring together both sides for a compromise.

6: Deposit and Sales Agreement

Once you have chosen the property you want to buy, the next step is to sign the sales agreement with the seller and to make a deposit that is usually 5.000 USD. We provide counseling services with our team who has mastered the realty legislation, which will be with you during the whole time. At this stage, you will need your passport. The agreement will be in three languages, Turkish, English and your own. Two copies are issued, one for each party. The agreement will include all terms and conditions related to the sale, and it is legally binding. This agreements needs to autorised by notary. If you need, our lawyers can help you to get best sales agreement from the company as well.


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