How to Buy a Property Through a Company?

Buying property in Turkey through a company - It is possible to buy a property in Turkey through a registered Turkish company, in fact, many foreigners choose to take this option for one reason or another. Many large investors choose to purchase land and property through limited companies so that they can pursue business operations after the purchase.

In order to buy a property through a company, you need to register a foreign capital company in Turkey – this is establish according to Turkish Trade Law and enrolled in the Turkish Trade Registry, which means that foreign capital companies are subject to Turkish law while their capital belongs to a foreign national.

Some people choose to purchase a property through a foreign company as it can have certain advantages, in other cases, it is the only way in which foreign nationals of certain nations can own a home in Turkey.

    In 2003, the Foreign Direct Investment Law was passed, this gave foreign investors the same rights and treatment as a domestic investor would have in Turkey, this also lifted certain permissions and limitations that were placed on foreign investors before.


    How to set up a company in Turkey and buy a property

    The easiest and cheapest way for an individual to establish a trading company in Turkey is to set up a limited liability company in Turkey. In order to do this it requires a minimum of two people – these people can be foreign and one of them can be Turkish. The company is divided into a 99.9% share for the main person who is named as the director, and a 0.1% share for the second person. In simple terms, when a foreign national wishes to set up a company in Turkey to buy property, the person will own 99.9% of company shares while 0.1% will be owned by another person – usually this will be a lawyer.

    The VAT paid on the purchase of real estate purchased by the company as workplaces does not remain as a cost and is deducted from the VAT on the rental or sales invoices that the company will cut. Thus, these amounts remain financially in the company.

    • Step one – to begin the process of setting up a company in Turkey, you need the following documents: the preparation of the power of attorney, passport copies, and two passport sized photos.
    • Step two – once the documents have been received, the application may then be processed. An application will be made to relevant authorities to grant permissions and articles of associations will be prepared and an application made to the tax authority. Company books preparation will also be started.
    • Step three – once the company has been established in Turkey, the legal address will be checked by tax officials to ensure it is correct. The final permission will then be granted – usually lawyers will complete this step on your behalf.
    • Step Four - Once the company has been registered, a second power of attorney will be prepared on behalf of the company to give POA to a solicitor in Turkey to complete the purchase process on the behalf. The lawyer will be able to apply to the governor to ask for permission to buy a home in Turkey before the Land Registry and seek military clearance.
    • Step five - Once the governor has granted permission, an application will be made to the Land Registry with the seller.

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