Eyup (Gokturk-Kemerburgaz)

Eyüp is a conservative neighborhood on the Golden Horn. Eyup was established after the conquest of Constantinople, and it was Istanbul's first Ottoman Turkish settlement. The district is located just outside of the city walls on the south bank of the Golden Horn and takes its name from the tomb of Eyyub al Ensari, a companion of the Prophet Mohammed, who is believed to have died here when Arabs sieged the city in the 7th century. Eyup began to develop shortly after the conquest, when Sultan Mehmed II built a tomb over the grave of Eyyub el-Ensari and a mosque next to it.

The most intense period of development occurred during sultan Süleyman's rule in the 16th century. Beside the mosque, theological schools, public fountains, cemetaries, hamams) and alms kitchens were built, followed by wooden mansions and pavilions. The Tomb of Eyup el-Ensari (Eyüp Sultan Türbesi in Turkish) became a place of pilgrimage for Muslims since then.

Kemerburgaz-Göktürk region, where many luxury projects are located, will be hosting many new projects under construction and planned to be constructed. Many of the projects were built with aesthetic concern unlike other satellite cities. All of the new projects in the area include shopping malls, security, sports areas, playgrounds for children, and social facilities such as swimming pools and hiking trails.

KEMERBURGAZ transportation

The transportation network of Kemerburgaz, where many educational and health institutions are located, has developed. The Zone is in the middle of the 2nd and 3rd Bridge connection roads. The Gayrettepe Airport is within walking distance. In addition, the new Istanbul airport will be opened in 2018, 6 km away.


Taksim Square 22 km
Bakırköy Square 29 km
Mecidiyeköy Square 18 km
Sultanahmet Square 24 km
Ataturk Airport 32 km


Eyüp, the picturesque district located outside the city walls on the Golden Horn, is the most important Islamic pilgrimage place after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

On Sundays you can see boys in white prince costumes coming from their circumcision celebrations or just married couples. In Eyüp we visit the Mausoleum Ayub al-Ansari in the mosque complex of Eyüp Sultan Camii. Then we move on to the slopes along the cemetery fields on the hills of Eyüp and admire the grave steles of famous Islamic personalities who chose their final resting place under the shade of the cypress trees. With the chair lift, we go up to the tea garden of the Café Pierre Loti. The romantic view over the Golden Horn that opens up from here not only inspired the French writer. After a Turkish tea we pay a visit to the toy sellers of Eyüp. Over the former Galata bridge, a pontoon bridge that is restored in the upper part of the Golden Horn and open to pedestrians, we reach the other shore and take the ferryboat back to Kasimpasa.

It is located in the very center of life with its proximity to prestigious educational institutions, exclusive restaurants and shopping centers, as well as the green space per capita. Being in Kemerburgaz means living with all its pleasures.


Why Invest in Kemerburgaz?

  • Quality of Life: Kemerburgaz is very close to the city center and many commercial axes as well as the city's noise and crowds.
  • Transportation Projects: Plans for airport transportation include rail system projects planned to pass through Kemerburgaz. It also attracts attention with its 3 storey throat tunnel and its proximity to the bridges.
  • Channel Istanbul: At the end of 2019, Kemerburgaz became one of the fastest growing places in the region, 13 km away from the starting point of the Kanal Istanbul project.
  • Ground Quality: Due to the ground conditions of the region to be a safe zone in terms of earthquake.
  • Luxury and Comfort: The projects in the region are mainly for the middle and upper income groups. It is seen that 4 + 1 and 3 + 1 and 2 + 1 housing types are produced in the region. While the average m2 prices in the housing projects in the region are 6 thousand 970 TL, it is possible to see m2 prices up to 20 thousand TL according to the goodwill.
  • The Most Premium Areas of Istanbul; According to Eva Real Estate Appraisal Consultancy 2016 Istanbul Branded Housing Sector Report, it is stated that the increase in house prices in the region in the last five years is 193%.
  • Social Structure: Kemerburgaz-Göktürk region generally offers a decent living area with white-collar employees who prefer middle-upper segment income level or with low-rise, garden and abundant social facilities.
  • Social Environment: You can find everything you need in the region with its attractions such as the promenade and pond areas in the countryside, the street shops that host A+ Cafe and Restaurants, quality education and health cures.



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