The province of Bolu is one of the most captivating areas of Turkey, located in the northwestern area of Turkey. Bolu stands between the capital Ankara and Istanbul, and covers a vast area that totals over 7,000 km². The surrounds of Bolu offer vast forest and mountains; with the area being known for the lush dense forests, fauna and hot springs. 

Bolu enjoys a humid continental style climate that borders on oceanic. The winters are predominately cold and snowy and the summer warm with cool nights. In the sheltered city centre many parts of the province of Bolu are prone to large seasonal temperature differences and precipitation is usually well distributed through the year.

The city of Bolu gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy all of the four seasons at once. Those seeking sun, sand and sea will find everything they could possibly want in the Akcakoca area which offers the most exquisite setting on the fringes of the Black Sea. There are a number of stunning beaches and plenty of quality accommodation choices available. 

Due to its historical and natural beauties, tourism economics in Bolu has started to make a great contribution.

Bolu is one of the most preferred cities for nature lovers with its 4 seasons and its proximity to major cities.

where to see in bolu

Abant Lake and Yedigöller see spectacular views with magnificent Kartalkaya is the stopping point for sports fans in the winter months.

Seben Kaya Houses

There are rock houses and caves registered as first degree natural sites in Muslar, Solaklar, Kabak and Musasofular villages of Seben district.

Ayıkaya Cave

The cave, located on the western slope of the hill near the Ayıkaya Forest Management Directorate on the Bolu-Yediğöller road, is visited by cave enthusiasts.

Golcuk Nature Park

13 km from Bolu city center. To the south. It is under protection as a nature park. The surrounding area offers daily facilities and picnic areas.

Bolu Golkoy

8 km from Bolu city center. It is a pond made for irrigation and drinking water. There are picnic areas around.

Akkaya Travertines

10 km from the city center of Bolu. southwest is. 1st degree is a natural site. & Quot; Pamukkale & quot; of Bolu & lt; tb & gt; is known by the name. Water from Akkaya flows from a slope to form travertines.

Sülüklüköl Nature Park

40 km of Mudurnu District. northwest is. Due to its flora and fauna structure, it is under protection as a Nature Park.

Cubuk Lake

8 km from the town of Goynuk. The north.

Abant Lake Nature Park

34 km of Bolu. To the west. It was declared a Natural Park in 1988 due to its flora, fauna and recreation characteristics. The surrounding area includes accommodation, eating and drinking facilities, camping and picnic areas.

Seben Taşluyayla Pond

Bolu & amp; #8211; The Seben is 20 km from the Seben. It is located in Tasliyayla. It has an area of 864 hectares. Its surroundings are 25 km.

Sunnah Lake Nature Park

25 km from the town of Goynuk. east is. It is under protection as a Natural Park with its rich forest structure, flora and fauna features. Accommodations are resort.

Bolu Aladag Pond

25 km from Bolu city center. south of the Aladag plateaus. It is under the name of Göksu Nature Park. There are picnic and camping areas around.

Lake Yeniçağa

It is in the center of Yeniçağa district. It is one of the important wetlands of our country.

Yedigoller National Park

42 km of Bolu. The north. It was declared a National Park in 1965 due to its flora and fauna characteristics, and there are seven lakes and waterfalls, monumental trees, hiking, picnics and camping areas.

Caramurate & amp; #8211; Mudurnu Lake

30 km from Mudurnu District. The north. It has been declared a natural site.


The International TEM Highway and the D.100 Highway Bolu pass through the city center. 250 to Istanbul and 170 km to Ankara. Historical, touristic places and towns in the city and its surroundings can be reached with buses and minibuses departing from Bolu.


Turkey's livable cities ranking which ranks 12th in Bolu, has become an alternative between Ankara and Istanbul with success in the thermal spa and health fields, especially in tourist areas and city life.

Known for its natural beauty, the province has attracted many people from many parts of the country with its ski resorts, camping centers, health resorts, thermal spas and many other outstanding features.

Particularly heavenly places Abant, Golcuk and Yedigöller National Parks, has shown the name of Bolu to the whole world and attracts foreign tourists. Abant Natural Park, which has an average of 100 thousand visitors per year, is one of the most popular places in the city. Gölcük with 80 thousand visitors and Yedigöller National Park with 60 thousand visitors contributes to the tourism potential of the city.

Summer and winter tourism is very active in Bolu, which is surrounded by forests with 60 percent. In addition to the National Parks that attract tourists with their natural beauties, the ski resort Kartalkaya is also among the magical areas of the province. The ski resort, which only hosts about 200 thousand people in the winter months, contributes greatly to the Bolu economy. Thermal spas, which have four seasons of the year, and the heart of sports tourism in the summer, offer the city almost alternative living spaces.

Bolu has many institutions such as State Hospitals, Medical Center, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, Mental Health and Neurological Diseases Hospital, and healing of illnesses coming from different regions of the country. According to recent researches, Bolu has left many provinces behind in terms of number of physicians per capita and bed capacity in health field. In 2010, the rate was 1.67 doctors per 1,000 people Turkey was calculated as the ratio of 2:01 in Bolu. The number of people per bed was 212.

Bolu is on its way to becoming a tourism city and also takes its place in the health field.

WHY to live in bolu

1. Climate

You can ski in Kartalkaya in the same day in April-May, go swimming in the Bosphorus, spring in Abant Lake, live the last spring in Mountain villages .

2. Cuisine

Bolu is not only famous for its natural beauties, but also one of the most famous cities with delicious regional dishes. Especially the reputation of the cooks in the Mengen district has spread worldwide.

3. Golcuk

In the indispensable places of Bolu, Gölcük is in the first place. During your stay in Gölcük you will have access to historical and cultural excursions and sports facilities; you will discover new places. It will take plenty of pictures of natural scenery; you will find everything you expect from your nature getaways in Golcuk.

4. Abant

Because Abant Lake and its surroundings have a plant richness, a large outdoor recreation potency, 1196.5 hectares of the area were protected as "Natural Park" in 1988.

5. Seven Lakes

The Yedigöller Basin of 1642 hectares was taken to be protected as a national park in 1965.

6. Kartalkaya

Kartalkaya offers the comfort, quality and aesthetics they seek for their ski and snowboard enthusiasts at the 2000 meter peak of the Köroğlu Mountains

why to ıNVEST in bolu?

While Istanbul has been at the top of foreign housing sales in recent years, Bolu is taking this place with its natural and historical beauties. Located in the Black Sea Region, Bolu offers different alternatives to those who want to be hosted with houses built in green

Bolu property offers the perfect climate for those wanting to escape from the Mediterranean summer, yet still enjoy the sun in a cooler climate. Bolu is also far more conservative than many of the other tourist destinations in Turkey and more suited to those looking to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings rather than party into the night.

It also draws attention to the metropolitan cities around Bolu which will provide advantages in terms of location. Bolu housing projects, which have advantages in purchasing for both session and investment, attract attention with their location both in city and forest view.
In terms of floor plans, date of delivery or location, the owners are offering numerous housing options