Although more than a million tourists flock to its beaches, boutique hotels, trendy restaurants and clubs each summer, the town of Bodrum (ancient Halicarnassus) never seems to lose its cool. More than any other Turkish seaside getaway, it has an enigmatic elegance that pervades it, from the town's crowning castle and glittering marina to its flower-filled cafes and white-plastered backstreets. Even in the most hectic days of high summer, you can still find little corners of serenity in the town.

Urban planners have sought to preserve Bodrum's essential Aegean character, which was influenced by the Cretans who moved here during the population exchange of the 1920s. Today, laws restrict buildings' heights, and the whitewashed houses with bright-blue trim evoke a lost era. The evocative castle and the ancient ruins around town also help keep Bodrum a discerning step above the rest.

Bodrum is a fascinating place as it has a pleasing contrast between the Ancient city - where there are discernable fragments everywhere in the town -and a playground for rich Turks and an array of foreign visitors. It is one of the centres of the Turkish Tourist industry and is the market town for the Bodrum Peninsula which consists of a number of towns and villages nestling on the edge of the Coast. Until the 1960's the town was a fishing village which changed when a number of Turkish intellectuals gathered and wrote about Bodrum. Most notable of the these was Cevat Sekir 'The Fisherman of Hallikarnassus', an Oxford Educated Turk who devoted his time to writing and planting numerous plants and trees which continue to dot the landscape of the Town. His book the 'Blue Voyage' describing gullet trips around the Turkish coast, and his descriptions of the astoundingly clear Blue Seas of the Aegean and the delights of a trip around the coasts adjacent to Bodrum inspired a whole generation who have come to emulate his trips

Bodrum has therefore grown as a sailing destination and thanks to its warm but not humid climate has become a top destination for visitors who enjoy the combination of the ancient past together with all the usual tourist paraphernalia. There are large numbers of shops and restaurants - from humble cafes to exquisite Turkish cuisine served by an array of waiting staff.

Modern Bodrum strangely seems to have two contrasting sides to it.

BODRUM transportation

By Bus

There are many intercity bus companies which operate bus services to Bodrum from major cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Bursa, Konya, etc... After arriving at any of these cities, Bodrum is reached by bus. By bus: from Istanbul to Bodrum 13 hours; Izmir to Bodrum 4 hours; Ankara to Bodrum 10 hours, Antalya to Bodrum 7 hours.

By Plane

Bodrum-Milas airport is 35 km away from Bodrum and many flight companies operate charter flights to Bodrum in Summer season. There are also Dalaman and Izmir Airports which are 3 hours far away from Bodrum.

By Boat

Bodrum is reached by sea from Kos and Rhodes (Greek Islands). Daily ferryboat services from/to Cos and Rhodes to Bodrum are available during the summer season.


Bodrum is one of the highest visitor potential resorts in Turkey. The number of foreign and domestic tourists who visit here in summer increases with the number of local tourists. But Bodrum is not only a place to visit in summer. Especially in the spring months, most people prefer Bodrum in september november with a cool weather accompanied by the wind called zefiriye.

It would not be wrong to say that Bodrum is such a famous area because it is addressing every field! You can stay in luxury hotels, sunbath on your mattresses, admire your admiration in the sea, you can discover the most unknown of the underwater world, you can make long walks between shopping, nightlife, or palms, village life you can find peace in it, while you watch the sunset of the sun, you can wrap your life once more tightly.

why to live in bodrum

Pleasure-Seeking Vibes

The countrywide reputation of Bodrum as the birthplace of a hedonistic lifestyle attracts artists, writers, spiritualists and celebrities in their droves.


Bodrum is well known for its attractive beach life, the main stretch of town has a long section of sand which is perfect to relax after a day of haggling at the markets.

Everything on Your Doorstep

From the large venue parties of the town centre to alfresco dining seaside in Gumusluk. From the local Wednesday market to the modern shopping malls with international branded labels for sale.


You can’t have a high-end marina worth tens of millions of dollars without some luxury sailing boats and that is exactly what you will find at Bodrum’s Marinas.


Bodrum is home to some of the most exclusive eateries in Turkey, not to mention the trendiest bars and beach clubs, designer brands shops.


If your retirement time has come and If you are dreaming to extend your feet and enjoy the sun, the sea and the rest ...


Locals speak a wide range of languages, especially English. It is easy to settle into the Bodrum peninsula as a foreigner, and you will find it easy to access help and advice when needed.


The central bus station within the town centre also offers cheap and frequent schedules to most other places within Turkey.

cıty addicts

If you want this life without giving up the activities of the big city and shopping possibilities...

Bodrum is the best place for you!

why to buy a property in BODRUM

Bodrum in western Turkey is a hot spot for foreign property buyers. Among other select places on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, it attracts many nationalities looking for either holiday homes or an abode for permanent relocation to the country.

Unlike most other holiday resorts in Turkey, Bodrum real estate is heavily geared toward domestic buyers. Bodrum is a brand in Turkey and having a second home in Bodrum has long been an established trend. Up to 80% of all properties are owned by Turks and not by foreign buyers. Majority of Bodrum’s most exclusive and expensive homes have Turkish owners.  Mandarin Oriental Bodrum launched its hotel plus residences in Istanbul, Turkey and not in the overseas home buyer market. Apartments for sale start from Euro 500,000 for the most basic and villas front-line to sea within the complex are priced up to Euro 7.5m. Up to 85% of all units were sold in the domestic market within 12 months of launch.  Strong and stable domestic demand is one of the most sought-after signals of a high-performing real estate market, particularly when it comes to seaside towns. It indicates that the market is far less vulnerable to changes in holiday home buying trends globally. This is a major positive indicator that a foreign property investor should underline before making the purchase decision. Strong and assured exit strategy is a key investment factor. 

Premiums in Bodrum are not with the standard run-of-the-mill homes but with the more exclusive, luxury property end of the market. Our analysis indicates that this is where the demand is highest and where price appreciation is in double digits year on year.  Bodrum’s summer season is June to October, in other words around 20 weeks. This is the peak season for Bodrum. Rental returns of attractive holiday homes, villas with private pools and luxury apartments are comparable to Kalkan, which is always tipped as the highest rental yielding resort in Turkey. Having said that, in order to generate 6%+ annually one should be very selective in what one buys. Modern contemporary with open sea views and close to town amenities are key success factors.  The north, west and most of eastern coastlines are available for foreign nationals purchasing real estate. The areas that directly overlook the Greek islands, particularly the island of Kos, are not open to foreign purchase. These include most parts of Bitez, Ortakent, Yahsi, Akyarlar and some parts of Gumbet and Turgutreis. Areas such as Yalikavak, Bodrum Town, Gumusluk, Torba, Turkbuku and Gundogan are perfectly safe and clear for foreign nationals buying land and property.