Beylikdüzü is a modern residential area with a growing popularity after 2000’es. It is, one of the most durable regions of Istanbul, has become one of Istanbul's star-studded real estate spots with its modern life projects. The region is similar to the European cities in the percentage green areas, Every street and avenue has trees planted with equal spaces, making the area an open nature museum.

Beylikdüzü is one of the western provinces of Istanbul. There are Marmaris Sea in the south, Avcılar in the east, Büyükçekmece in the west, and Esenyurt in the north. The surface area is 360 km². It is located 45 kms from Taksim, Istanbul and 12 kms from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. On a good day and with average traffic, Beylikdüzü is just under one hour to drive from Taksim and approximately 10-15 minutes from the airport.

Beylikdüzü has a clean, windy and more airy atmosphere than the central districts of Istanbul. Since there are wooded areas in almost every part of Beylikdüzü, seasonal passages turn into a visual feast.

Beylikdüzü, where many housing projects take place, will be hosting many new projects under construction and planned. With the proliferation of the projects, Beylikdüzü, where new living areas were formed, added value to its value.

BEYLİKDÜZÜ transportation

Transportation to Beylikduzu was relieved by the extension of the Metrobus line. With Metrobus, 24-hour access to Beylikdüzü is possible.

Between Beylikdüzü and Zincirlikuyu the Metrobus and the average takes 60 minutes. Apart from the metrobus, express buses move from Taksim to the district, while the 145T bus travels directly from Taksim to Cumhuriyet, Barış, Büyükşehir neighborhoods and 145M bus goes to Adnan Kahveci neighborhood directly from Taksim. Beylikdüzü district is located on the E-5 highway Yenibosna and Bakirkoy departure Büyükçekmece direction to all the public transportation vehicles can be reached.

In addition, in the near future, the Ministry of Transportation of Beylikdüzü-Bakırköy Metro is planned to be laid. This line will also be connected to Yenikapı - İncirli Metro line.

From Beylikduzu, Ataturk Airport is 13 km away. There are 2 connection roads from Beylikdüzü to TEM (European Transit Highway) and Hadıköy and Esenyurt.


Reach Anywhere From Beylikdüzü...

Taksim Square 48 km
Bakırköy Square 22 km
Mecidiyeköy Square 40 km
Sultanahmet Square 39 km


Beylikdüzü is one of the rare districts of Istanbul with no slum building. According to the survey conducted by the municipality, which houses housing projects and luxury sites, 40 percent of the inhabitants are university graduates. Flat is one of Istanbul's most cosmopolitan district, this property is like a mosaic of Turkey and foreign citizens residing at No. considerable number of districts. Beylikdüzü is a European city standard with its green areas exceeding 10M² per person. Almost every street and street of Beylikdüzü district has symmetrical trees. Beylilkdüzü, with its wide streets, boulevards, sidewalks and green areas, represents the planned urbanized new face of Istanbul. Beylikdüzü continues to be green.


Why Invest in Beylikdüzü?

  • Planned Urbanization: While the urbanization and dense population of Istanbul have been increasing in recent years, the city life has become difficult. With its decent living environment and calm structure, it has become one of the exemplary satellite cities of Istanbul with its recently built housing projects, luxury sites and detached houses. Beylikdüzü district, where the green areas are abundant, transportation is easily provided and the city structure is regular, creates a comfortable living space with its special features.
  • Luxury and Accessible: The projects in the region are predominantly for the middle-income group. The most 3 + 1 in the region, then 2 +1 and 1 +1 type of housing is produced. While average m2 prices in housing projects in Beylikdüzü-Adnan Kahveci and Beykent regions are 6 thousand 240 TL, it is possible to see m2 prices up to 20 thousand TL according to their goodwill.
  • The Most Premium Areas of Istanbul;According to Eva Real Estate Appraisal Consultancy 2016 Istanbul Branded Housing Sector Report, house sales prices in Beylikdüzü have increased by % 182 from 2003 to 2015.
  • Transportation Network: Beylikdüzü, which is next to TEM and E5 motorways, stands out with its transportation network. With Metrobus, 24-hour transportation to Beylikdüzü is possible. It is expected that the regional prices will increase with the metro lines planned to be made.
  • West Marina: Beylikdüzü Yakup kazandırlu also has a marina with a capacity of 600 yachts and a marina with luxury restaurants.
  • Social Structure: Beylikduzu generally promises a white collar employee with a middle segment income level or a decent living area, which is preferred by SME owners.
  • Social Environment: With its coast, culture and art centers, quality educational institutions, international health institutions, shopping malls, large green areas and parks, Beylikdüzü is becoming a more and more preferred district.



Sea Front

Project 215

Istanbul / Beylikdüzü

A Complete and Peaceful Life The project, which will carry the coastal life to your home, adapts the unlimited sea view to a spacious life in low-rise buildings. Green areas are concentrated in the project, Istanbul's most…

Main Street

Project 225

Beylikdüzü OSB / Beylikdüzü / İstanbul, Turkey

Project Features The project, realized in Beylikdüzü, rises on a land area of 8 thousand 705 square meters. The project is realized in 3 blocks and the blocks are designed to consist of 10 floors. Offering 4 concepts in one…

73-210 m2sqm1+1 , 2+1 , 3+1 , 4+1BEDROOMS2BATHROOMS
Sea View

Project 273

Yakuplu, Beylikdüzü, Turkey

The Sea of Marmara in every Breath ... The project rising in a sanatorium-built region due to the healing air of the Ottoman Empire, a healthy project with plenty of oxygen and intense iodine smell coming from the Sea of Marmara.


Project 280

Beylikdüzü, Turkey Industry

From the privileged life to the lucrative future The project spreads happiness to large areas with its comfortable apartments from 2 + 1 to 4 + 1. In the project, which offers comfort to families and unparalleled benefits to investors, sea spaciousness is filled with houses. All roads in the project will provide comfort…

Special Offer

Project 218

Istanbul / Beylikdüzü

Project Features The project is being implemented in Beylikdüzü, the developing region of Istanbul in recent years. Rising on a land area of 112 thousand square meters, the project consists of 1690 residences and residences in 5 blocks. Aesthetics, quality and…


Project 217

Istanbul / Beylikdüzü

A New City in Beylikdüzü adresi The address of new life in Istanbul is in the project and everything will be near you with its open shopping mall Galata and Nevizade concept streets. Project Features Located in Beylikdüzü, the project is 44 thousand 426 square meters.


Project 219

Istanbul / Beylikdüzü

Bring a New Life to Your Family The project, which is the meeting point of luxury and grandeur, is superior with its central location, modern architecture, high investment value, smart home technology, unique nature, personal pool and sauna.

Main Street

Project 220

Istanbul / Beylikdüzü

In the Center of Life A city center that captures the warmth of the family ... In a project that brings comfort and peace in a decent environment, you will embrace life full of happiness and you will quickly get used to a high quality of life. Keeping up with your lifestyle…


Project 216

Istanbul / Beylikdüzü

Nature and Sea Will Be a Part of Your Family The project, rising at the borders of Kavaklı 2 Neighborhood of Beylikdüzü, offers life opportunity for your children and investment opportunity for your family. A project that promises a marine life in nature…