Basaksehir district; It was formed in 2008 by merging neighborhoods separated from Küçükçekmece and Esenler and Bahçeşehir Municipality. Before the district was established, the 1st and 2nd stages of Başakşehir, Güvercintepe, Şahintepe, Altınşehir, Ziya Gökalp neighborhoods and Şamlar Village Küçükçekmece Municipality; Basak neighborhood, Basaksehir 4th and 5th Stages to Esenler Municipality; Bahçeşehir was a town municipality of Büyükçekmece district. Later, these districts were united and Başakşehir District was established.

Başakşehir is surrounded by Arnavutköy in the north, Sultangazi in the northeast, Esenler in the east, Bağcılar, Küçükçekmece and Avcılar in the south and Esenyurt districts in the west.

Başakşehir, one of the regions where construction companies invest, is experiencing an increase every day in the housing sector. Basaksehir, the region of Istanbul, whose population is increasing day by day, has been merged into 5 stages and has become a district. There are 37 industrial cooperatives specialized in various fields in the region and around 30 thousand workplaces. These cooperatives within the scope of OIZ have undertaken the construction of buildings and infrastructure themselves.

Turkey's largest Organized Industrial Zone is one of the hosts. 300,000 people are employed in this industrial zone. With a population of 15 million, Başakşehir is one of the districts close to the center of Istanbul, which is one of the most important mega cities in the world in economic and commercial terms. Even now it benefits. With this service concept, Başakşehir District has an area that can easily accommodate enough technology clusters for a ”Smart City inin in addition to the features that will provide the necessary human resources and infrastructure capacity for Living-Lab. Başakşehir, new urbanism and smart technologies for the production of Turkey, the region and is one of the few locations that will be an example to the world.

Bahçeşehir housing projects, complete with technical and social equipment, are built with an approach that prioritizes advanced construction technologies and aesthetic concerns. In all new projects in Bahçelievler, there are shopping malls, security, sports areas, playgrounds for children and social equipments such as swimming pool and walking track.


Transportation to the district by TEM highway and railway. There are also bus services to the district. There are also Otogar-Bagcilar-Basaksehir Metro Line in the region. TEM highway passes from the south of the district. Railways pass through Bahçeşehir and there is a railway station in Ispartakule. Although the suburban extension of the line is frequently on the agenda, such a study is not yet in effect. Upon completion of the ongoing subway work, the railway system will pass through the Başak Residences and industrial center of İkitelli to the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Thus, it is expected that access to the industrial center of Ikitelli and Ataturk Olympic Stadium will be easier and more interesting. In the future, it is thought that a northern road will be constructed to connect the detached districts of the district.


Reach Anywhere from Başakşehir...

Taksim Square 33 km
Bakırköy Square 19 km
Mecidiyeköy Square 26 km
Sultanahmet Square 24 km
Ataturk Airport 12 km


Social life in the district, Sular Valley and Bahçeşehir artificial pond in and around. pond in Bahçeşehir, is Turkey's largest artificial lake. Theater, conferences, concerts, exhibitions and all kinds of cultural activities can be found at Culture Center.

Başakşehir Culture Center, Bahçeşehir Culture and Art Center, Bahçeşehir Muhsin Ertuğrul Theater, Çınar Congress Center, Başakşehir Emin Saraç Culture Center, Atatürk Olympic Stadium, İ.B.B. İkitelli Sports Complex, Bahçeşehir Health and Sports Center, Başakpazar and Pazartürk are some of the activity areas where residents can enjoy their time.

In addition, Rasim Özdenören library, which is located in the cultural center, serves Başakşehir people with 15.000 books.

Başakşehir area contains rich shopping centers in terms of shopping. Mall of Istanbul is one of the most interesting shopping malls in the region.

Why to Invest in Başakşehir

  • Planned Urbanization: TOKİ and Emlak Konut GYO have pioneered a new generation of modern urbanism within the scope of the resource development projects of the vacant lots in the region,
  • Location and Access: Basaksehir, which is one of the suburban districts of Istanbul, is close to many national and international companies, institutions, technical universities and Techno-Parks in and around Istanbul. TEM highway passes from the south of the district. Railways pass through Bahçeşehir and there is a train station in Ispartakule. Upon completion of the metro operation, the railway system will pass through the Başak Residences and industrial center, İkitelli, to the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Thus, it is expected that access to the industrial center İkitelli and Atatürk Olympic Stadium will be easier and the interest will increase. In the future, the construction of a northern road that will connect the districts of the district with each other is planned. Ataturk International Airport 20 Km. 25 km from the center of Istanbul. TEM is close to major transport routes such as E5 and is connected to other areas by Light rail.
  • Channel Istanbul: At the end of 2019, Başakşehir, which is 3 km away from the starting point of the Kanal Istanbul project, has become one of the fastest growing places in the region.
  • Airport-Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and North Marmara Highway: With these mega projects close to the region, branded housing projects in the region became more preferable. With the large-scale public investments in the region, the number of branded housing projects is increasing day by day.
  • Bio Istanbul: One of the most talked about projects in the region is the Health City project which is planned to be located in the northeast of Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Within the scope of the project, the health campus, education-research units, specialized medical units and medical services, as well as accommodation, conference and cultural center and commercial units are planned.
  • Luxury and Accessible: The projects in the region are predominantly for the middle-income group. It is seen that 3 + 1 and then 2 +1 and 4 + 1 housing types are produced in the region. While average m2 prices in housing projects in Başakşehir region is 7 thousand 740 TL, it is possible to see m2 prices up to 15 thousand TL according to the goodwill.
  • The Most Premium Areas of Istanbul; According to Eva Real Estate Appraisal Consultancy 2016 Istanbul Branded Housing Sector Report, prices in the region have been a region where housing prices have increased by 100 percent compared to the last 10 years.
  • Social Structure: Başakşehir usually promises middle-upper segment income level, mostly white-collar employees, or living space preferred by company owners. The high level of general education of Başakşehir people makes it a more decent center of living compared to Istanbul.
  • Social Environment: The natural heart of the region, such as Gölet, Sular Valley, Mall of İstanbul, is at your fingertips with everything you need in Başakşehir.



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