Ataköy - Bakırköy

Bakırköy is one of the oldest districts in Istanbul. Located on the European side of city, this district lies between the E-5 highway and the coast of the Sea of Marmara. Being a residential and developed area, Bakırköy is mostly inhabited by an upper middle class population.

History of Bakırköy dates back to Byzantium times. Bakırköy was named as Hebdomon and had very important buildings built in Byzantium period.

That’s why it had been always visited by the ruler class although being located outside part of the city walls. In Ottoman period, Bakırköy continued to be an important district and name changed to Makriköy.
The district became a favourite summer resort for Sultans and other ruler class which caused many large houses to build during Ottoman period.

bakırköy Transportation

On one side of the E-5, on the one side of the coastal road from the other side of the railway pass Ataköy, bus, minibus, metrobus, subway, tram and sea transportation offers many transportation opportunities. You can easily reach one of the routes that organize Istanbul city flights to Ataköy, a district in Zeytinburnu in the east, Küçükçekmece in the west, Güngören and Bahçelievler in the west, and Bakırköy in the south of Marmara Sea.

Reach Anywhere from Bakırköy...

Taksim Square 17 km
Bakırköy Square 3 km
Mecidiyeköy Square 18 km
Sultanahmet Square 13 km
Ataturk Airport 1 km

life at bakırköy

Charming and Calming Bakırköy has always been the place of elegant living in İstanbul…

Bakırköy became a residential area in the late 19th century. Around 1970s, Bakırköy was one of the calmest and desired location to live in. Today centre of Bakırköy become an important commercial area having a lot of shopping malls. It’s not hard for one to guess that this district is generally crowded at any time of day. Capacity, Carousel, Galleria, Bakırköy Yeraltı Çarsısı (Bakırköy Underground Bazaar) are couple of well-known shopping malls and areas of Bakırköy.

Bakırköy has not only shopping malls to offer but also other facilities to make it a well-known part of the city. Veliefendi Hippodrome, being Turkey’s largest and also oldest racecourse, is one of the most important facilities of this district. If you like horse race, Bakırköy is your place to visit. Atatürk Airport, World Trade Centre Istanbul, Ataköy Athletics Arena are other important buildings residing in Bakırköy.

Yeşilköy neighbourhood is another reason to visit Bakırköy. Known as Ayestefanos in the past, this district was a very small fishing village where Greeks used to live once. After Turkish republic, all the names changed Turkish so Ayestefanos (Saint Stefan) became Yeşilköy (Green Village) referring to nature of village. There is a beautiful marina and sandy beaches in Yeşilköy. You have to walk around in Yeşilköy at least once to discover the beauties. Peace Treaty of San-Stefano (Ayestefanos Antlaşması) was signed in this neighbourhood. Once, Russian Army arrived to Ayestefanos after famous 1977-78 Russia-Ottoman Empire Wars during which Istanbul was about to fall so Sultan had to ask for peace. After all, an agreement which had very hard conditions for Ottomans signed by two sides. This battle dominated history of Balkans.


Why to Invest in Ataköy?

  • Central Location; The region is located on the European side of Istanbul, almost equal to all districts. The biggest advantage of Ataköy is that it is adjacent to Atatürk Airport and that it can gather the central points such as World Trade Center, Fairground, shopping centers and hospital very close to each other.
  • Real Istanbul; Ataköy is close to both the historical center and the central business areas of Istanbul. Ataköy, which has the most beautiful view of Istanbul and the coastline, is a joy to live in.
  • City Life: It is possible to benefit from all the advantages of city life in Ataköy. It is possible to find suitable places for all kinds of social activities such as luxury cafes, restaurants, hotels, cultural centers on the Ataköy coastal road. You can go to these social areas where you can reach your private vehicle with public transportation, metro and minibuses.
  • Decent Neighborhood: Since its inception, the real estate market in Ataköy, which is one of the most decent centers of Istanbul, has recently been active.
  • Transportation Network: Ataköy, which is one of the districts with the best transportation network in Istanbul, can be reached to almost all districts. Metro, tramway, metrobus and sea transportation line, the real estate in the region is experiencing value increases. The Eurasian tube gateway is another indicator that triggers housing prices in the region. Ataköy, where Atatürk Airport is located, is Istanbul's gateway to the world.
  • Luxury and Comfort: The projects in the region are predominantly for the upper income group. It is seen that 3 + 1 and 2 + 1 and 1 + 1 housing types are produced in the region. While average m2 prices in housing projects in Ataköy coastal region are 19 thousand 800 TL, it is possible to see m2 prices up to 50 thousand TL according to their goodwill. 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 flats in housing projects in E5 axis regions, while the unit square meter prices in this region show a wide range of 7.530 to 25.200 TL / m2.
  • Social Structure: From the socioeconomic point of view, it is seen that the people living in Ataköy region belongs to higher income level. At the same time zone as one of the preferred residential areas of dense population minority in Turkey.
  • Social Environment: With its marina, A + Cafe and restaurants, beachfront shops, Galleria, Capacity, Carousel, quality education and health services, you have everything you need in the region.



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