Antalya is the Mediterranean coast's principle city resort and tourist destination hosting over 10 million tourists a year. It’s not difficult to see why so many visit Antalya; it’s a large, attractive city boasting a fabulous climate, excellent shops and facilities, stunning views, beaches, a world class marina and a fascinating past. The Old Town (Kaleici) makes up the heart of Antalya City with its pretty walled interior a warren of cobbled alleys ideal for exploring. Fancy little shops, restaurants and boutiques are all waiting to be discovered, the locals too happy to haggle you into buying a leather handbag, souvenir, genuine fake or some jewellery. In contrast, the newer districts, such as Konyaalti beach area and Lara beach district, play home to modern day Antalya. Here you find fancy holiday apartments and condos, numerous 5 star hotels, shopping malls, government buildings and all inclusive resorts.

The Turkish city of Antalya is located on the Mediterranean coast of Southeast Turkey, an area also known as the Turkish Riviera. A popular tourist destination, it is Turkey's largest international sea resort with a world class marina and lies at the foot of the impressive Taurus Mountains.

If you drive east from Antalya city following the coastal route, you will pass by Lara coast, which is one of Antalya city's main holiday home destinations, then head toward Belek and thereafter Side and Manavgat. If you continue in the same easterly direction, approximately an hour from Side, you will reach well-expanded and busy resort town of Alanya, which is now almost a city in itself. 


If you drive westerly from Antalya city and follow D400 carriage way, you will enjoy the stunning scenery of Konyaalti beach, then twist toward the mountains, enoy the elevated route through pine forests all the way to popular resort and marina town of Kemer some 30 minutes from Konyaalti. If you then continue on the same route, several hours later you will arrive at Kas and then Kalkan.

If you cross Kalkan further west, then you will exit the providence of Antalya and drive into Mugla county, where its first popular resort town of Fethiye will meet you some 70 minutes after Kalkan.  


Antalya can be reached by highways from all parts of Turkey and the international airport provides easy access for domestic and foreign visitors. The International Antalya Airport is 13 km from the city centre, and there are regular coach services to the city centre. Taxis are available and there is access for private cars. The comfortable and secure Antalya Airport provides 24-hour services such as tourism information, tour operators and travel agents, banks, medical facilities, food and drink and duty-free shops.


The turquoise shores of Antalya combine ancient cities whispering tales of history, myth and legend, met on either side by tranquil, emerald-green forests and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.

This is the perfect choice for a living surrounded by sea, sun, sand and more. Along with a cultural heritage deeply rooted in history, Antalya's coves and highlands of unique beauty, pristine beaches, comfortable hotels and marinas, colourful entertainment venues, and art-filled festivals all make it a tourist destination that offers endless possibilities to its residences. These include the pleasure of sunbathing from sunrise to sunset; the natural thrill of outdoor sports in the grip of mother nature; the excitement of discovering national parks with their rich flora and fauna, ancient cities, museums and Kaleiçi; the mystery of the mountains and the peaceful Mediterranean coves drawing you away; the romance of watching an opera outdoors under the stars at night; sampling the unique delicacies of Turkish cuisine and enjoying the party scene. Meeting the hospitable people of Antalya is just another part of the pleasant life experience.
The prime tourism centre of Turkey, Antalya's coastline extends 640 miles. The coast is intricately carved with small coves, and provides the best enjoyment of Mediterranean Sea, sun and sand. Its magnificent natural beauty harbours the world's best accommodation and entertainment facilities. Most of the beaches of Antalya have been awarded blue flags for their cleanliness, orderliness, and superb service quality, and they are visited by millions every year. Many water born sports activities such as windsurfing, water skiing, boarding, and parasailing are available to visitors and residences. Boat trips give you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful coast of Antalya from out at sea, and to take pictures that make a lasting record of your experiences.

Despite being known for its kilometres of fine beaches, which have earned it the title of ‘the Turkish Riviera’ and made it a prime destination for sun, sea and sand, Antalya also offers many opportunities for winter tourism activities. It may be surprising, but top-class skiing is just around the corner! The westernmost extension of the Taurus Mountains is known as the Bey Mountains, and lies in a north-south direction along the western shore of the Gulf of Antalya. With their remarkable geographical and geologic features, and several peaks ranging between 2000 and 3000 metres in altitude, these mountains have magnificent scenery that makes them exciting venues for mountaineering and nature sports. These natural features provide excellent opportunities for nature walks, trekking, rock and mountain climbing, spelunking, paragliding, and mountain biking.

Incredibly beautiful views will embrace you without saying day and night. You will want to go to each place you see once again. The more free you can be in a city, the more free you can be here. People who are incredibly different from each other live here in peace, which is also a source of peace for those who live there. Enjoying life in Antalya, filled with sweet, warm and friendly people, is another.


Antalya is a very diverse city in the hub of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Ever expanding tourism and industry around the city of Antalya have attracted many families and ambitious young professionals to the area. Since late 1980's the population of the city grew from around 275,000 to currently around 1.2 million.

Unlike some parts of Turkey, growth in Antalya has been exceptionally well managed with efficient city planning and environmental awareness.

Today, Antalya is one of Turkey's most affluent cities as per capita income. It controls and manages investment inflows and tourism in the wider region from Alanya to Kalkan. It benefits from Belek golf region, it provides summer as well as winter tourism opportunities.

Above all, the city has a vibrant and cultured lifestyle that attracts more and more like-minded dwellers coming in search of Antalya real estate and professional jobs.

Regarding the foreigners, the activity in Antalya is close to the sea. Belek and Kemer regions are in more demand. Foreigners are generally detached or within the site duplex, triplex twin villas as well as proximity to the sea and Belek & #8217;

Property in Antalya gives you access to 300 days of sunshine as well as very high income potential.

The city provides 'best of both worlds' - city life on the shores of blue flag beaches and within very easy reach of nature reserves, pine forests and ski resorts

Such is the demand for luxury homes in Antalya, that apartments in Lara and Konyaalti districts of Antalya hardly ever go rent-free.